We exist to assist individuals who are just starting to walk the yogic path through those who have been on their journey for some time.  

Our studio is a place of peace and serenity amidst the hustle of daily life.
Come to ground, focus and reconnect with the body and the mind. 


“Build it and They Will Come”

This is the message Lori awoke to just a few days before stumbling upon the “space for rent” that would soon become the home of Yoga Vie Studio. After 18 years in the Healthcare and Healing Industry, Lori Bertoline, a 15yr Licensed Massage Therapist, was at a crossroads in her life and her career.  Looking back through most of her life, she had always found a sense of peace and healing through her love of weight training and her  daily yoga practice. In 2011 she found herself  immersed more and more into the “yoga way of life” and began to realize her new path was to teach. Lori became a Certified Yoga Teacher after her training in Nosara, Costa Rica in 2012.

Yoga Vie Studio is the “love child” that was born from Lori’s passion of helping people live healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives. Her gifts of healing and truly caring about people offer the tools for everyone to learn to love themselves and appreciate their own uniqueness.

By embracing ones’ own “yoga vie” you can take control of your health and happiness.