Lori Bertoline, LMT, CYT, CRM, CPM


Meet Lori Bertoline, Owner and Founder of Yoga Vie Studio.  Lori has always been passionate about people and about life!  An Intuitive, healer, and nurturer from birth, Lori always had a fascination with health, nutrition, and fitness.  Having practiced yoga since her early teens, she learned the basics from many books and DVD’s.  She since has had thousands of hours of practice between her home, her gym and the many studios she visited throughout her travels in the States and abroad.  Lori’s many years of strength training and a mix of Yoga/Pilates and stretching on a daily basis, has given her a deep respect for the healing powers of yoga as well as an active lifestyle.  As a professional Massage Therapist for over 15 years, she has taken the time to inform her clients on the importance of a yoga practice and a well balanced diet for living stress free and happy.  Lori has gained a diverse wealth of knowledge throughout her lifetime and career and has come full circle becoming a Certified Reiki Master; Certified Angel Therapy Practicioner; Certified Psychic Medium and Intuitive; and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Having lived in England and travelled throughout Europe and the Caribbean Islands, she has taken several on location yoga classes. Though her Teacher Training in Costa Rica she fell in love with the “Pura Vida” lifestyle of the Western Coastal Region of Nosara. Scientifically documented as one the World’s rarest “Blue Zone” locations where the native people live to be over 100 years old due to their pure living-with Yoga, surfing and a purely organic vegan diet as their daily life.

“I believe the stars aligned and the conception of  Yoga Vie – which means Yoga “Life” was born.  I knew I had to bring the beautiful essence of the Costa Rican “Pure Life” and the  magic of yoga home to the people.”

Lori puts her heart into everything she does.  She is grateful to be able to offer such a unique healing yoga Sanctuary. “Build It and They Will Come”   ..And so she did.  Lori and all the instructors at Yoga Vie welcome you with an open heart and a loving practice.

“Spread the Light”


Sandie Montgomergy


Sandie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and Aerial Silks since 2011. In  2009 Sandie began to focus on her yoga practice to help with her chronic migraines. In the fall of 2012, she decided to build on her practice by getting certified to be yoga teacher (200 hour level), studying with Life Power Yoga, at Lifetime Fitness, Ohio under internationally renowned yoga teacher Jonny Kest, Birmingham, MI and Life Power Instructor Carrie Treister. Sandie has focused her teaching on Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Power Core and Ashtanga.

Believing that everyone and anyone can use yoga to build a stronger respect for themselves and the world around them.


Kelly McCabe

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.54.19 PM

I discovered yoga in 2005 while living in Vancouver, BC.  My journey began with an asana practice.  I rolled out my mat in my first yoga class at Flow Yoga on Burrard Street, and attempted to participate. Mostly, I watched, appreciating the shapes and forms bodies were taking in this big, open 2nd floor city space.  The room was filled with warmth both in temperature and sound from everyone breathing audibly and in sync with their subtle, yet precise, movements.  I had no clue what was going on, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

My respect for yoga continued to grow the deeper I dove in to this powerful, transformative practice.  I learned about meditation, chanting, philosophy, and many different styles of asana with the importance of proper alignment.  I felt that I was healing myself from the inside out: emotionally, spiritually and physically.

In the summer of 2010, I moved back to my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida.  I continued a daily practice, and I decided I wanted to share my love of yoga with anyone willing to participate.

In 2012, I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program – under the expert guidance of Chris Acosta, and the skilled instructors of St. Petersburg Yoga.  I have learned about yoga through many great teachers, although I feel I am still just scratching the surface. “Yoga is a lifelong practice,” as they say, and I look forward to many more years of absorbing information that is revealed to me in this steady and alluring journey.

I teach a variety of styles of Yoga, ranging from beginner to strong/intermediate classes.  I teach traditional Hatha postures with Vinyasa Flow style sequencing.  In 2014, I also became certified in Yin Yoga.  I want all students, of any skill level, to step on their mat and receive the therapeutic benefits that this practice has to offer.


Katy Swanson, RYT 200 


Katy was introduced to Hatha yoga in 2004 while completing a degree in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College.  Being raised around Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and other alternative therapy traditions, it was a natural transition for her to seek the path leading to acquiring her 200-hour RYT Training through Sacred Space Yoga in 2013. A yogini, sailor, climber, gardener, animal lover and inspired by all the beauty in the world, you’ll most likely find her on, near, in the water, or hanging out with her dog and boyfriend. Katy teaches modified Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Hatha, and occasionally a Yin Class or two. She wants you to focus on the here and now. To be present and engaged in every action you take. To not take things personally and always remember to laugh, even at yourself.

To always remember we are One; infinitely connected and a reflection of the other. Our deepest truth is that we are light.


Rachael Nayder


Rachael Nayder is a Registered Nurse and Reiki Master who has been practicing yoga since 2010 when she was introduced while living abroad in Sydney, Australia. At the Lotus Pond in Tampa, Rachael completed her ERYT 200 teacher training where she studied under Masters such as Karen Stephan (trained by B.K.S. Iyengar) and Larissa Hall- Carlson (Dean Kripalu School of Ayurveda). Rachael teaches all types of classes and welcomes all levels believing that yoga truly is for everybody.

“I love teaching on every level and enjoy seeing the progress my students make! I believe that the self: love, respect and awareness yoga cultivates is life changing. When we practice yoga, we not only create positive changes in ourselves but in the world around us as  well. Peace, Love, & Namaste”


Jennie Panzeri, RYT 200

Jennie Panzeri

Jennie is originally from Chicago, but discovered yoga in NYC, where she lived for 15 years before heading south to sunny St. Petersburg. Before yoga, Jennie was a long distance runner, which left her with tight hamstrings and an achy knee. Initially she came to yoga in search of firmer buns and increased flexibility, but as time went on she also noticed the mind body connection that yogis talk about.

In 2006, her journey began when she attended a Bikram Yoga class in a grungy studio around the corner from her East Village walkup that left her glowing from the inside out. Her yoga classes became her sanctuary away from her busy day-to-day life.  She began to feel more in tune with herself and became a true believer in the mental and physical healing powers of yoga.

Always a student, she attended healthy cooking and nutrition courses while exploring different styles of yoga and meditation including Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Yin. Recently, she completed her Vinyasa style 200-hr RYT certification at Studio 108 under the guidance of Missy White.  Jennie utilizes alignment instruction, props and modifications to make yoga accessible to students of all levels.

Outside of yoga she enjoys traveling and whipping up Mung Bean Fettuccine con Pesto for her Italian born husband.  She is a fashion and art enthusiast who strives to find balance between eating French fries and drinking green smoothies.


Rebecca Kass


Becca is an Ashtangi, a writer, and is studying to be a medical student. Once upon a time she was a marathon runner, but significant injury led her to the practice of yoga for physical rehabilitation. Now it’s the thing that keeps her whole, inside and out, and she is dedicated to sharing its transformative powers with everyone she can. Don’t let her laidback vibes fool you: her classes will stretch your thinking and kick your butt at the same time. Get ready to get in touch with your mind, body, and spirit…and be prepared for mildly inappropriate jokes.


Shannon Mainhart, RYT 500 

shannon bio pic

Shannon Mainhart began her journey with yoga 5 years ago when she discovered that yoga gave her relief from anxiety and obsessive thinking. Practicing yoga enabled her to make better life decisions which resulted in a more peaceful and a less chaotic life. Yoga has helped her to be more accepting and loving of her true self. When she teaches a class she guides her students to practice loving themselves just the way they are and she asks students to create their own unique style while on the mat. Shannon received both her RYT 200 and RYT 500 training from St. Petersburg yoga. For Shannon yoga is a lifetime journey, one that will continue to help her and others grow into their true selves.


Brie Boss


Brie (yes, like the delicious cheese) found her happy place in yoga, leaving her anxiety behind. She is constantly amazed by the never-ending benefits and rewards of a daily yoga practice. First introduced to the concept in high school through the pages of US Weekly, her belief in the power of yoga deepened over time. In 2012, she made a full-time commitment to yoga, completing two 200-hour teacher training programs at Corepower Yoga in Chicago; one in power yoga and another in hot yoga. She also completed a 50-hour certification in barre and baryasa, which combines barre and yoga. However, Brie’s growth as both a student and teacher of yoga is constantly evolving. She regularly deepens her knowledge and practice through literature as well as workshops and retreats all over the country. For Brie, yoga is a unique avenue for physical and mental transformation. Her goal as a teacher is for every student to leave class with a happy glow!


Darby Beckman, RYT 500


Darby’s first experience with yoga was at the local YMCA at age 16, but her practice truly began in 2007 when she began studying under E-RYT instructor Lisa Rapp of My Yoga Spirit in Norfolk, VA. In June 2008, she received her 200 hour RYT under Lisa, and in 2010 received her 500 hour RYT from Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga under Lisa and E-RYT instructor Ann Richardson. In addition, Darby holds a BS in Sociology and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a registered nurse. Darby has a love and appreciation for yoga asana in all its forms but especially resonates with Vinyasa-style, Jivamuki and Ashtanga yoga, combining these styles in her classes.